Wedding Themes

Here are some ideas of wedding themes to get you started.  Get creative and have fun!

Classic Weddings
A timeless look.  Traditional, ivory bridal bouquets, and lace.  Black, white, gold, metallics.  Spiritual ceremony.

Modern Weddings  
Contemporary style.  Modern square cakes.  Beautifully lit tents and clean lines.

Outdoor Weddings  
Fresh, nature-minded ideas.  Outdoor nuptials.  Greenery, wood benches, flowers, and natural colors.

Rustic Weddings  
Think antique, old fashion elements.  Picnic or barn.  Mason jars filled with lemonade.

Beach Weddings  
Favorite seaside resort.  Khaki and ocean blue colors.  Palm tree, seashell, or nautical invitations and decor.  No shoes required.

Fantasy Weddings  
Non-traditional fashions.  Creativity and fun.  Sunshine.  Outdoor games.  Fairytale or Hollywood. Glitter or sparklers.

Vineyard Weddings  
Cork board seating chart.  Wine barrels and crates.  Champagne at the reception.  Wine bottle vases.

Second Weddings  
Grand gala or intimate party with friends and family.  Children in the ceremony.

Seasonal Weddings  
Autumn, Winter, Spring, or Summer.  Bouquets and colors reflecting the season.  Fresh garden ceremony or cozy barn reception.

Color Theme Weddings  
Black and white.  Metallics.  Bright colors of orange, green, pink....